**DIGITAL DOWNLOAD** Shopper Guide Available NOW!


NOW available as an “IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD” after PayPal payment.

Order Price: $10.50 (Shopper Guide $10.00, plus $.50 handling fee)

The 2020 JUNK JAUNT® SHOPPER GUIDE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD is identical to the printed version. You will be able to download a .pdf file that you can use on a Mobile device (for example iPad, iPhone or other devices) or optionally print on your local printer immediately after making your payment. NOTE: The file size of the download file is LARGE (>17MB & 120 pgs). You should allow ample time to download the file, and depending on YOUR internet connection speed, it may take some time to complete the download. You will need to take this into consideration before making your purchase. Your purchase of the 2020 JUNK JAUNT® SHOPPER GUIDE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD is non-refundable.

Printed Shopper Guides are also available at selected local area businesses (print a list), plus a few participating businesses located outside the JUNK JAUNT® area, WHILE THEY LAST!

Shopper Guide SOLD OUT!

WOW!  The response to this year’s JUNK JAUNT® has been overwhelming. 

If the sales of the Shopper Guide is any indication of the turnout expected, then it is going to be a great year.  Normally we always have left over Shopper Guides that get returned after our event.  However this year dues to the effects of COVID-19 and with the reduced number of vendor registrations, we made the decision to cut back a bit on printed guides.  We would normally continue taking orders on this website until around the 12th of September, but we are now sold out of the inventory we ordered. [Read more…]

Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt® IS for EVERYONE!

Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt® is MUCH MORE than just a Garage Sale. It is 350 miles of great scenery, friendly people, good food and treasure’s galore!

The Junk Jaunt® route is along on Hwy’s 11, 91 and 2 in Central Nebraska, with 33 participating towns and approx. 450 vendors in 2020. The takes you to the Nebraska Sandhills which provides excellent Fall scenery as well as many historical places to check out. The North Side Bar in Burwell has 100 years of rodeo photos on display and Fort Hartsuff is an old frontier army post located near Ord. [Read more…]