NOTICE !! SHOPPER GUIDE Replacement Options

Dear Junk Jaunt Customer, If you have received your 2014 printed version of the Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt® Shopper Guide you will probably notice a printing problem with the Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt® Shopper Guide this year.   By the time it was discovered, … Continue reading

Junk Jaunt Area map

Junk Jaunt Area map

Shopper Guide’s Have been shipped

If you have purchased a Shopper Guide either through this website or via a mailed in request, They have all(*) been shipped out.  Additional orders for printed Shopper Guides will be accepted through Saturday (9/20/14), and will be mailed on 9/22/14.  If you are not able to have a printed guide mailed to you, you can still purchase a digital guide, or try to pick one up along the route or at these selected locations.  Limited quantities will be available on a first come basis.

*orders received through 9/14/14. 

Some people seemed to be confused about the shipping arrangements of “Pre-ordered” Shopper Guides.  An explanation that the Shopper guide would be shipped in EARLY SEPTEMBER has been on the Shopper Guide ordering page since the website was launched.  It has since been highlighted in yellow so it is not missed.  The Shopper Guides need to be printed to include all of the vendors, community maps, and advertising support.  With deadlines in August, the guides are currently at the printer and we feel they will be available for shipping around September 10th.  

Experience the “jaunt” one town – one treasure – at a time

by Tami Pistello (Omaha, NE)original article was published in the Lyons Mirror Sun; Lyons, NE on the Decatur, NE news When someone says, “Sand hills Journey Scenic Byway”, what comes to mind? Perhaps, sand – and lots of it – or perhaps … Continue reading



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